Governor Arturo alagón 2019-20 September

Sep 19, 2019

Dear Rotary Friends:

These first months of our Rotary year, it is time to schedule activities and define objectives. If we are not clear about our goals, it will be more difficult to achieve them. Our members and future new members that we want to attract to our clubs should know what we want to achieve and how we can achieve it. Remember, only active and dynamic clubs are attractive not only to maintain our membership but also to all those friends and neighbors who are possible candidates to sit with us at the club meeting.

Rotary dedicates this September to literacy and basic education. Knowing how to read and understand what is read has an impact on the improvement of the health and economic development of the communities, but in each of our environments the needs / priorities may be very different. So meet with the representatives of this sector in your community and talk about the possibilities of help or support that you detect, design the project well and remember that it is better to start with small and concrete goals. In our district there are not frequent actions on this area of ​​interest of Rotary, which in other countries and districts occupy a large part of the funds. Think about it.

In our district, we can say that it will also be the “month of Education”. We have been working this summer to fine-tune the information and that we will teach on the 14, 21 and 28 days at the seminars in Malaga, Almoradí (Alicante) and Palma de Mallorca. And on October 5 we will be in Valencia. Although it is important that those members who have the responsibility in the clubs of the different committees come, all Rotarians interested in their self-training can also attend and it is especially suitable for clubs that have been created recently.

But there are more reasons to attend the seminars, we will have the opportunity to improve the fellowship and mutual understanding between club members in the area as well as with the district team, who attend as trainers. It is time to talk with them, get to know them better and ask them all those questions that may not be clear in the talks or written communications, and thus be able to manage your clubs more effectively.

As you know, my main objective is to be close to the service of clubs, working as a team, eliminating individualities. For us, the district is a tool available to clubs, made up of Rotary members with special dedication to specialized service in one of the many facets of our organization and which makes it difficult for someone to end up being an expert in everything. Not even the Governor can cover everything, hence the necessary support from a team.

This month, I have an agenda full of visits to clubs. Time to get to know us better, to tell me and to know your projects, to express your concerns and to guide you on the lines of work that I have programmed for the march of the district. Rotary connects the world.

The 67th edition of the annual EEMA youth exchange meeting 2019 (Europe-Eastern Mediterraneam – Africa) has just been held in our district, in Valencia, with great success and a large influx of Rotarians from many countries in the EEMA area and also from Brazil, Mexico and other countries in South America. An unparalleled opportunity to make ourselves known, share ideas, future projects and illusions. I think that as Rotary Spain, we have been able to give an excellent image and your comments and congratulations indicate that the meeting has been helpful.


Finally, I would love to encourage you all to take advantage of this opportunity to receive training, and remember that …… “We have to do things together”.

Good luck and positive thinking


Arturo Alagón Valderas

Gobernador 2019-2020

Distrito 2203

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