Governor Arturo alagón 2019-20 July

Jul 9, 2019

Dear Friends,

As Machado said: Walker, your tracks are the way and nothing else; Walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking.

We have just opened a new Rotary year, for many of you new responsibilities and for most, new learning challenges to explore and live. Rotary connects the world.

I want these first words to be a message of encouragement, enthusiasm and a lot of positive energy for this exciting new Rotary year that I am sure that working as a team and eliminating individualities will improve our lives by growing the lives of others.

We leave a month of much activity and still finalizing the changes of boards of directors. It seems that the time has come to rest. In many clubs there is a belief that our activity resumes in September. It is not true, summer is too long to waste that time, it is the ideal period to do “other things”. Things that can be done even outside our usual residence or work environment

Thanks to our affiliation, we connect with a huge global community through our countless programs and projects. Our service connects us with people who share our values, who want to take action to achieve a better world. Rotary makes it possible for us to connect.

For example, many of you will have planned a vacation visiting other cities or countries, researching in My Rotary – club finder – if there are Rotary clubs in those places to visit and if their meeting would coincide with your stay do not hesitate to visit them. Many joint projects, sistering and even professional or business relationship occasions have emerged from these vacation visits. I am sure that in any case you will find the love and closeness in the reception that will make you see that city in another way. It is a possibility that only belonging to an INTERNATIONAL organization and with friendship as an indisputable value gives us.

It is a possibility that only by belonging to an INTERNATIONAL organization, with friendship as an unquestionable value it gives us.

But even those who do not travel, summer is the occasion for informal beer meetings with friends, colleagues and neighbors. Meetings in which at any given time you can talk about the projects you carry out with your Rotary club and the satisfaction with these changes that you can make in people’s lives with the help of your club. It is not uncommon for any of those who accompany you to be interested in joining this group. Illusion them with your experiences and sensations. You have the capacity to do so, nobody resists joining a legion of volunteers motivated to do good.

So enjoy your vacation, rest, have fun and take Rotary in your backpack, remember that Tolerance and Fellowship are essential ingredients for Rotary clubs.

Big hugs

Have a happy summer


Arturo Alagón Valderas

Gobernador 2019-2020

Distrito 2203




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